he’s on an important journey

Looking forward to book 4! so i did a doodle
When i first started watching LOK i lost interest after book1 and was over it after kinda seeing book2 because it seemed to focus on the korra/asami/mako draaaaaaama which pissed me off.
But book 3 restored my interest in full making Korra and Asami the fav….i see why people ship them Lol. Im curious to see how things gonna turn out in book 4 after a three year skip…mostly im looking for to Toph

Tabris grew up listening to the stories their mother, Adaia told them. One of their favorites is the true tale about the beautiful, red-headed, human woman who sprung Adaia and many others from the Arl of Denerim’s dungeons. Tabris only discovers Leliana was their mother’s savior if they are in a romance with her.